Source Code

RichFaces 5.x + Sources

RichFaces 5.x consolidates many of the RichFaces 4.x repositories into a single repository.  These repositories are hosted on github, within the richfaces organisation:

Building RichFaces 5 is as simple as running mvn clean install within your clone of the RichFaces Framework repository.

RichFaces 4.x + Sources

RichFaces 4.x consists of a modular repository, build system, and source code centered around Git/GitHub and Maven.

The framework repositories for RichFaces 4 are hosted on github in the richfaces4 organisation.  The framework is composed of a number of repositories:

In addtion to the above framework repositories, two additonal repositories are hosted in the richfaces organisation on github:

Sandbox repository:

The Sandbox repository provides a "playground" in which we can collaboratively develop new components and features, before inclusion in the main framework.

For information and instructions on how to build RichFaces 4 see:


RichFaces 3.3.x and earlier branches sources

The sources for RichFaces 3.3.x are in the community branch here:

And the sources for archived branches are here:

Check our wiki guidelines related to working with sources for these branches: