RichFaces Issues Trackers

Community Jira

The Community jira project is our standard jira project for tracking changes, bug fixes, and feature requests.  Please search for issues you may be having, features you would like to see, and either vote for, watch, or create new issues following our jira policy.

Planning Jira

Planning jira designed to be used by RichFaces team and commiters only in order to schedule new components/features/high level design tasks. Watch this jira project to be well informed into the inner planning and tasks for the project. Usage and workflow rules can be reviewed here.

If you think you found a bug...

  1. Follow at least these basic steps to debug the issue yourself:
  • Styling, javascripts and resources problems could be initialy investigated via FireBug for FireFox, Developer tools for IE or similiar browser inspect/debug tools.
  • Client-side activities related to Ajax requests can be checked via the a4j:log component. All info about using queues, sending request, response returned, client side updates, scripts re-evaluation and focus handling is logged there.
  • Server-side problems could be checked using phaseTracker and any IDE  debugging tools.
  1. Before postings a new forum topic please search among the forums, wiki faq, knowledgebase, and jira. Many cases are already solved by the community and development teams and we do our best to share the solution for further community usage.
  2. If you still can not find an answer please use our User Forum in order to ask the community/RF team about possible solutions or workarounds. Here are some suggestions for posting and getting the community to assist:
  • Add as much detail as you can. Do not just post "It does not work" that will be ignored.  Add details on environment, related bean classes and xhtml/jsp pages.  Basically anything that will help someone determine what the issue is.
  • Simplify the case as much as possible. It is difficult to determine where problems may be, and coding errors if reviewing huge pages bound to numerous complex server side objects.
  1. Finally if you are sure that you found a bug or have a good feature request please create issue in jira.  Keep in mind suggestions from 3). Following them even more important for the jira issues.  For more details on RichFaces jira please see our jira policy page

Aggregation of recently resolved issues

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