Development Milestones

These are development milestone releases for the project. These will contain the latest bug fixes, features, and updates, but these are not considered Final releases.  Typicaly there are serveral development milestone releases depending on the maturity of the release and/or branch.  When a distribution is stable enough we will release a Final version.

We encorage everyone to try out these builds and provide feedback to the community to help us make RichFaces better.  Documentation for the milestone releases can be found at

RichFaces 4.5.0.CR2

RichFaces 4.5.0.CR2 distribution (zip)Binaries, sources, examples, documentation for 4.5.0.CR2 release.LGPL 2.1Download
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RichFaces CDK 4.5.0.CR2 distribution (zip)CDK source, plugins, archetypes for the 4.5.0.CR2 release of the Component Development Kit (CDK)LGPL 2.1Download
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