RichFaces has a very large, active, and healthy community.  Here you can find all the different ways that the project community interacts and communicates as well as useful resources for developing and using RichFaces.


Share your experiences, problems and visions of features, components, and applications here:

  • User Forums - for general questions on how to use RichFaces, propose basic feature requests and possible issue reporting.  This is a community supported forum where both commiters and users help each other when we can.
  • Design Forum - For discussing project design, and development of the RichFaces project itself. We encourage any community member to leave their opinion on a thread or start new threads in the design forums.  However they should be limited to detailed feature requests, design changes, and/or issues containing solution proposals.

Project Wiki

The Wiki is an area where we gather all the resources for the project.  This is community driven so please add your own experiences, and advice.

Most usefull links:


Bug Reports

Please read detailed overview of RichFaces jira projects available here.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

We use #richfaces on for live development and usage discussion. We have team meetings there which are announced summarized at the  Team Meetings wiki page.

Project Calendar

We maintain a project calendar with public meeting infromation and upcoming events such as talks, and conferences where RichFaces will be discussed.  To view or import please see the RichFaces Project Calendar page

External announcements articles and resources

Additional community resources:

Have a RichFaces related blog, or site - let us know and we'll add it here!