The next-generation JSF component framework by JBoss!

The RichFaces project has reached end-of-life in June 2016, a Q&A article regarding the EOL is available here.

The RichFaces project is an advanced UI component framework for easily integrating Ajax capabilities into business applications using JSF.  

RichFaces 4 builds upon the pioneering Ajax support that began with RichFaces 3 and is standardized in JSF 2. In addition to extending these ajax capabilities, RichFaces also improves other areas of JSF 2, including usability, performance tuning, dynamic resources, skinning, and component development.  This allows users to take full advantage of all the productivity enhancements of JSF 2.  

  • A full set of AJAX enabled components in two libraries
    • a4j: page centric AJAX controls
    • rich: self contained, ready to use components
  • Client-side validation, expanding JSR 303 Bean Validation all the way to the browser.
  • Advanced queueing to match the high performance requirements of real world enterprise applications.
  • Push component upgrades including JavaMessaging Service (JMS) integrations, and various transport mechanisms based on browser support.
  • Our own Component Development Kit (CDK).
  • Comprehensive documentation covering development best practices, and component details.
  • Detailed and automated testing facilities for components, actions, listeners, and pages.
  • Broad cross-browser support
  • Large and active community at its foundation!!

Hot New Features in RichFaces 4:

Client Side Validation based on JSR-303 Bean Validation specification:


Object Validation for easy cross-field validation implementation:


Push feature based on the Atmosphere framework:



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