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This page contains the latest Final releases of the RichFaces project.  These will contain the most stable bug fixes, features, and updates.

RichFaces 4.5.3.Final - Available!

We're proud to announce the 3rd micro release of the RichFaces 4.5 branch! This micro release addresses several bugs and issues. Read the details of the release in the release announcement.

Download RichFaces 4.5.3.Final

This is the latest Final release of the RichFaces 4 series. The primary distribution includes all the artifacts needed to get started in single distribution archive. For more on getting started please review the readme.txt in the distribution.
RichFaces 4.5.3.Final distribution (zip)Binaries, sources, examples, documentation for 4.5.3.Final release.LGPLDownload
Downloads: 621
RichFaces CDK 4.5.0.Final distribution (zip)CDK source, plugins, archetypes for 4.5.0.Final release of the Component Development Kit (CDK)LGPLDownload
Downloads: 831
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Getting Started With RichFaces 4.5

The RichFaces community contains several guides to help you get started:

RichFaces 3.3.4.Final

This is the latest and last release of 3.3.x branch. This release consists of a security patch applied to the 3.3.3.Final release, which introduces basic JSF 2 support to the 3.3.X branch. See the security patch announcement for details, or refer to the original 3.3.3.Final release announcement for all the details : RichFaces 3.3.3.Final is Released. For more on the JSF 2.0 support please see : RichFaces 3.3.3/3.3.4 and JSF 2 page wiki article.
RichFaces Binaries3.3.4.Final Binary (zip)LGPL
Downloads: 5067
RichFaces Binaries3.3.4 Final (tar.gz)LGPL 2.1richfaces-ui-3.3.4.Final-bin.tar.gz
Downloads: 339
RichFaces Sources3.3.4 Final (zip)LGPL
Downloads: 1090
RichFaces Sources3.3.4 Final (tar.gz)LGPL 2.1richfaces-ui-3.3.4.Final-src.tar.gz
Downloads: 129
richfaces-examplesRichFaces Photo Album Example (zip)LGPL
Downloads: 879
richfaces-examplesRichFaces Photo Album Example (tar.gz)LGPL 2.1richfaces-examples-3.3.4.Final.tar.gz
Downloads: 142
glassXPluggable skinLGPL 2.1glassX-3.3.4.Final.jar
Downloads: 215
lagunaPluggable skinLGPL 2.1laguna-3.3.4.Final.jar
Downloads: 193
darkXPluggable skinLGPL 2.1darkX-3.3.4.Final.jar
Downloads: 204
Theme PackageSet of provided, and sample page themesLGPL 2.1themes-3.3.4.Final.jar
Downloads: 273
Note: Downloads counter is updated once per day.

Complete Jira Release Notes can be found there.